Completion Party Celebrates the Best of Riversdale

Thanks to all of you who came out and celebrated the COMPLETION of Element Urban Village. Last night, we animated the Phase 2 courtyard with music and cocktails, heated up the shared community BBQ and wood smoker and let loose! In between watermelon/gin cocktails by Odd Couple, Matt Braden came and took some photos that we wanted to share. 

A huge thank you to our friends around Riversdale who helped us create the magic: flowers by Anthology Home Collection, appetizers + watermelon cocktails by Odd Couple, beer by 9 Mile Legacy Brewing. macarons by Little Bird, and ice cream by Fable Ice Cream only a few blocks away! Dana Chadorf (AKA BBQ Goddess, as I now like to call her) was rocking the community BBQ and smoker with delicious roasted veggies and meat of every....seriously every variety.

A paddle board from Escape Sports and a couple of sexy bikes from Spoke 'n Sport on the decks reminded us how easy it is to hop on a trail or the river from Element Urban Village. THANKS! 

Congratulations to Olga who won the Bang & Olufsen speaker donated by James Frost Luxury Outfitters. Not only did TCU Financial come to celebrate...they brought presents! Charlie won their gift package which included a feast of Riversdale delights, including a shirt from Hardpressed, tickets to Roxy Theatre, and a gift certificate to Odd Couple.

WHAT A PARTY! Don't worry. If you missed the fun, the show suites are now open and we'd love to have you for a tour of the place. It's a pretty sweet scene, even without the watermelon/gin cocktails. Call Slade Desrochers or email him for a tour. 

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