Element's design promotes our vision of a smart, modern, sophisticated lifestyle. From the exterior facade to the finishing materials, we've built what allows you to enjoy what matters, and avoid what distracts.

We put lots of thought into how people use space, paying attention to all those details that can make daily routines effortless. We thought about family gatherings, dinner parties, private evenings on the balcony—and created smart design that really works for your needs. We don’t create more space. We create more inspired space.



These appliances were designed with the benefits of Urban Living in mind. Downsize the fridge—frequent trips to the Farmer’s Market and the abundance of amazing restaurants connect you to life in the neighbourhood.

Living Room

We know how important it is to have a space where it’s easy to gather family and friends. A bright, open living room connected to a dining space and kitchen means you’re never excluded from memorable moments in the making.

Bed & Bathrooms

Get rid of the walk-in: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up reveals the zen and freedom of a decluttered closet. Time saved not fussing over outfits can be spent paddling on the river instead.

Finishes & Textures

Friends welcome? Relatives by appointment? Whatever your strategy for guests, you’ll all be comfortable in a functional, beautiful, open living space. So at the end of the stay, you’ll remember the important moments of your time together. Not the bumped elbows.
— Urban Living Tip #10